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Walking Alongside Webinar Series with Monique Gray Smith and Jo Chrona

I have the joy of being able to have an extended conversation with Monique Gray-Smith. In this 4-part webinar series we explore the synergies between our work in a combination of presentation and conversation. Attendees will be able to add … Continue reading

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Ways Forward – Is Decolonization Even Possible?

In recent years, often in relation to Reconciliation, the concept of decolonizing various public sectors has gained traction. But what does this mean? I often wonder if it is possible to decolonize systems, especially our education system, which is an … Continue reading

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Indigenous-Specific Racism in Education – Challenging Biases and Assumptions

We all have biases that we have developed based on our life experiences, and how we have interpreted those experiences. Biases serve a purpose for us as thinking short-cuts that help us organize our perceptions of the world. Our professional … Continue reading

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How Do I Avoid Cultural Appropriation in My Classroom or School?

While educators are encouraged to integrate Indigenous knowledges into schools and classrooms, people have also become aware that respectful inclusion of Indigenous resources means avoiding cultural appropriation or exploitation, and misusing or misrepresenting Indigenous knowledges. Educators often ask about the … Continue reading

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Yes, A Focus on Achievement Is Important

In recent years I have noticed a tendency for some educators to shy away from talking about the need to support the achievement of Indigenous learners. A group of senior leaders in a school district were discussing what they could … Continue reading

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Becoming Anti-Racist in Canada: a Journey to Support Reconciliation

From some recent work helping educators move into anti-racist thinking and acting in K-12 education in BC, especially with regards to anti-Indigenous racism, I have been thinking about the progressions we move through (linear and cyclical) in our anti-racist understanding and doing. … Continue reading

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