Becoming Anti-Racist in Canada: a Journey to Support Reconciliation

From some recent work helping educators move into anti-racist thinking and acting in K-12 education in BC, especially with regards to anti-Indigenous racism, I have been thinking about the progressions we move through (linear and cyclical) in our anti-racist understanding and doing. Below is an adaptation of the “Becoming Anti-Racist” graphic by Andrew M. Ibrahim, MD, MSc (based on previous work by Dr. Kendi). I have added ideas and extended the arrow to indicate continual learning and growth.

The extended arrow indicates continual learning and growth. You will notice the bi-directional arrows as well – to signify that our learning is not necessary sequential and linear. It can be messy and complex.

Reflection Questions

Can you find where you are in your learning journey in this continuum? Which statements represent your knowledge, understanding, or actions? Where do you want to go next? What support do you want/need for your learning? Who can help?

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2 Responses to Becoming Anti-Racist in Canada: a Journey to Support Reconciliation

  1. Anita says:

    Thanks for this Jo, it is definitely helpful for me as I think through how to move from the “Learning Zone” into the “Growth Zone”. It will also help me to articulate this to the people I work with as we learn together and plan the next steps we can take in this direction.

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    • Jo says:

      Thank-you Anita. That anti-racism work is also a part of the discussion we are having now about people engaging in the work of Reconciliation in Canada.


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