Becoming Anti-Racist in Canada: a Journey to Support Reconciliation

Some recent work in helping educators move into anti-racist thinking and acting in K-12 education in BC, especially with regards to Indigenous-specific racism in Canada, has me thinking about the progressions we move through (linear and cyclical) in our anti-racist understanding and doing. I have made some adaptations of the graphic borrowed and shared in my previous post. Below is a draft framework for becoming anti-racist in Canada in ways that support Reconciliation. This idea was inspired by the “Becoming Anti-Racist” graphic by Andrew M. Ibrahim MD, MSc (based on previous work Dr. Kendi).

I have added ideas and extended the arrow to indicate continual learning and growth. you will note the bi-directional arrows as well – to signify that our learning is not necessary sequential and linear; it can be messy and complex.

This graphic is still in draft (as I am always reflecting and refining) but wanted to share it.

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2 Responses to Becoming Anti-Racist in Canada: a Journey to Support Reconciliation

  1. Anita says:

    Thanks for this Jo, it is definitely helpful for me as I think through how to move from the “Learning Zone” into the “Growth Zone”. It will also help me to articulate this to the people I work with as we learn together and plan the next steps we can take in this direction.

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    • Jo says:

      Thank-you Anita. That anti-racism work is also a part of the discussion we are having now about people engaging in the work of Reconciliation in Canada.


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